Aid Stations (50K)

The Tour de Dodge will have 5 fully stocked aid stations (2 of which you will visit twice, for a total of 7 aid opportunities). Expect typical ultra fare (Tailwind, water, soda, pb&j, fruit, salty snacks, candy, etc). The Tour de Dodge is cupless, so please bring your own cup for liquid aid at all aid stations. You can purchase a cup here or add one onto your race registration for $5. Portable restrooms will be available along the course.

Aid stations are as follows:

Aid StationMileTo Next AidTo FinishCutoff
AS1: Meadow Valley4.62.325.9
AS2: Twin Valley6.93.623.6
AS3: Horseriders10.53.520
AS4: Uplands145.316.5
AS5: Mill Creek19.32.911.2
AS6: Mill Creek22.23.48.3
AS7: Twin Valley25.64.94.9