Is the course closed?
No! Governor Dodge State Park has miles of trails for all types of uses — hikers, mountain bikers, as well as equestrian users all enjoy the trails so please be alert and courteous to other on trail. Remember equestrian users have the right of way, so please step off to the side of the trail to let them pass should you encounter them on the trail.

What about hunting season?
The Tour de Dodge takes place during turkey hunting season. We strongly advise runners to wear blaze orange or other high-visibility clothing. You can read more about Gov. Dodge hunting rules and regulations here.

What race nutrition will be provided at aid stations?
Expect typical ultra fare at aid stations (water, soda, pb&j, chips, salty snacks, candy, etc). Tailwind is the drink sponsor on course for the TdD and will be available at all aid stations!

Can I wear headphones?
Yes! Headphones are allowed, but please stay alert on the trail. You will be sharing the trail with other users.

Can I bring my dog?
Please no dogs with participants on the course or at the start/finish. Governor Dodge State Park allows pets in certain areas of the park, but not in shelters, restrooms, or other structures. Please follow all guidelines for pets in Wisconsin State Parks.

Why are you cupless?
The Driftless Trail Collective is committed to providing a good race experience while keeping our environmental impact to a minimum. You can purchase a collapsible cup for race day here or add one onto your race registration for $5.

Where are the proceeds from the race going?
100% of the proceeds from the Tour de Dodge will benefit The Friends of Governor Dodge State Park, an organization that helps to support, promote, and develop educational opportunities within the park, as well as encourage and evaluate park use and protect and enhance park resources. You can learn more about their mission and donate your time and money here.

Can I volunteer?
Yes! We are always looking for folks to help out! Visit the Contact Us page and drop us a message!