Our sport is evolving and growing, and as it becomes more popular is also can become more complicated. At the Driftless Trail Collective we work hard to ensure our events have a good vibe and bring together the best the trail running community has to offer.

You can count on the DTC to:
-Be highly organized with racer safety and satisfaction as top priorities
-Donate all proceeds to a worthy organization
-Have well-stocked aid stations and great volunteers

We do have some rules that we expect every participant to follow. Violating any of these can result in disqualification from the race, and/or ban from any future DTC events.

Please adhere to the following:
1. Have fun!
2. Be kind to fellow runners, volunteers and spectators. We are all here to enjoy the trails! Harassment of anyone for any reason will not be tolerated.
3. Abide by course rules and markings. No shortcutting, cutting corners, going off trail, etc. Follow the marked course. If you accidentally go off course, you must return to the spot where you left the course and continue on from there to have an official finish time.
4. If you require significant medical support during a race, the race directors and medical support team will make a decision on whether you are allowed to continue. This call is up to us and you must respect it as we will make a decision based on what we feel at the time is safest for you and all the race support personnel.
5. Absolutely no littering. Doing so will result in disqualification.
6. Rules for responsible recreation in Wisconsin State Parks